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Neck Support and Gesture Corrector



Neck Support and Posture Corrector

Your workmate for long hours-activities

o  Reading

o  Studying

o  Working

o  Working, Gaming and Studying

o  Mobile Phone Using


Text/Tech neck syndrome

Neck pain caused by repetitive or overuse stress from improper posture. This happens when people are constantly forwarding neck to read, write, text, or look closer to a computer, tablet and mobile phone.


When neck bends for those activities, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck have to work extra to support changing head weights.


A neutral position, healthy neck usually supports 4-5 Kg of head weight.

In every 15 Degree flexes down, the weight-force from the head can increase up to 27 Kg

5-7 times over-loading compare healthy neck at 60 degrees bending forward cause head-neck-shoulder pain which reflect physical health and personality



Major cause of Text/Tech Neck Syndrome  or  Office Syndrome

*** Mobile Phone Using, Reading, Studying, Working, Gaming and Studying***


Neck Support and Gesture Corrector ; An option for Text/Tech Neck Syndrome or Office Syndrome

o  Relieves cervical pain and tension

o  Provides supports to neck loading

o  Relieves headache, stiffness caused by cervical strains and sprains

o  A good choice for correcting posture

o  Alleviate fatigue and stress when working

Why Neck Support and Posture Corrector by FreedomMove?


o  Ergonomic, minimal design, Soft, breathable, non-sweat, comfortable wearing

o  Firmly fastened with adjustable Velcro strap, comfy with stylish appearance

o  Small chest brace to provide ultimate comfort while wearing

o  High-quality material; Polycarbonate, Soft Silicone chin support, Aluminum Alloy and skin friendly

o  Light weight :120-130 grams, easy to carry

Size Measurement (Measure around the base of neck)

Size S: Less than 17 Inches

Size L: 17-22 Inches