The ultimate air cell cushion. Our goal is to redesign a variety of support products and create advanced solutions that better our way of living.



We are spending 2 hours a day at the most for exercise. Did you actually realize that we are spending more than 8+ hours a day in a sitted position?







We are under the greatest body pressure on our back when we are sitting.  If you sit more than 8 hours a day, you will have more than 2.7 times of your bodyweight on your back.



Evoss is an air cell cushion originally developed for the disabled community as an innovative solution for Decubitus ulcers (a.k.a bedsore).  It is a cushion that redistributes the individual's sitting pressure, reduces shear force and promotes blood circulation.


Simple, but more than enough! The e v o s s air cell cushion makes the maximum contact to your body by contouring every corner of the contacted area. This will reduce the pressure level on your body significantly and promise you the ultimate comfort even for a long duration of sitting.


As you are sitting on the e v o s s cushion, the contact area deforms and contours the shape of your body. This will lead your condition to the maximum contact with the cushion that reduces pressure level significantly. 


Also, with this condition on, the blood vessel gets much less compression and helps better blood circulation.


All of these can be done with our optimized cell designs, namely hexagonal and octagonal shaped cells depends on your body shape and weight.




Lifestyle cushion that goes with you whenever you need it - Use however / whenever you want it be. 

Simple to use. No age or gender constrains. Just enjoy e v o s s and share it with your beloved ones. That's our ultimate goal after all.






 - Korean World-class Product Award 2009 -

- Senior Friendly Product -

- CE Certificate -






Material: Natural Rubber Latex

Small size (Hexagonal Design)

450W x 410L x 60H in mm.


Large size (Octagonal Design)

460W x 410L x 80H in mm.


Weight: Varies around 2 Kg.(Approx.)

Color: Black

Hardness Shore A: 45

Tensile Strength (MPa): 16.7

Elongation (%): 750

Specific Gravity (g/Cm3): 1.05