The second founder has worked with FMCG for 20 years with a sharp vision for healthiness, in addition to being the daughter of aging parents. For a decade she spent time nurturing and attending to their needs, resulting in her understanding the true concept and requirements of assisted living

For the elderly, mobility and everyday tasks can become challenging. Freedom Move help the aging be more energetic, active and healthy through better care, attention, and modern equipment. With Thailand soon becoming an aging society ,the fulfillment of special needs and requirements for the elderly is essential for a good quality lifestyle and well-being.

These two best friends have joined hands to help our loved ones enjoy a healthy and independent lifestyle while ensuring they live in a meaningful and dignified way.

Freedom Move is the solution to a better lifestyle for all as we seek ways to enjoy a healthier and more productive life with the freedom to be independent. Join us and be limitless with Freedom Move.