Ta-Da Chair




• Ta-Da Chair ® is a versatile mobility aid that simultaneously provides the user with a walking stick for support and a seat for resting.

 This design, which instantly converts a cane into a chair, offers rest for tired legs and knees at a moment's notice.

• With its unique design, the seat can adjust itself according to the angle of the user's body to maximize sitting comfort.

 Once convert into a stick, the bulk weight of the collapsed portable chair is up near the stick's handle, thereby reducing the user's effort to swing and carry the stick.

 Several groundbreaking patented designs make the product safe and easy to use. Users will be able to experience its extraordinary functionality and practicality.



 Turn on the rotary switch  to Chair deployed automatically







Converting SEAT to STICK



Converting STICK to SEAT







• Weight Capacity: 100 kg.

• People who are aged 16 or above are able to walk independently and have good sitting balance while sitting.

• Above specification is for reference. Selection of products shall be fully based on individual’s comfort.



Clean & Maintenance


• Use damp cloth to remove dust then use dry cloth to dry this product. Keep this product clean and dry.


• Once product cannot be deployed or folded smoothly due to incoming dirt, rinse the sliding surface and foldable joint while product deployed. Lightly knock the product vertically to the ground to ensure water is fully drained through Drainage Hole on the Non-Slip Rubber Feet. Dry the product and keep indoors with adequate air ventilation till water completely depleted.


• In case product cannot be deployed or folded smoothly after rinsing, use commercially available silicone spray on stuck spots, movable parts or junction spots to make product deployed and folded smoothly.



 - Please find Further information in user's manual -



*Before using product, make sure water is fully drained through Drainage 

Hole to eliminate possibility that non-slip capacity deteriorates due to wet Non-Slip Rubber Feet.